Engaging employees, fostering “spirit at work” 

Kaizen Solutions offers a number of tools to help employers and employees improve employee engagement and “spirit at work.” Build success to last with our diverse consulting services, proven Spirit at Work Program, or custom keynotes and workshops.

A broad selection of consulting services

We’re dedicated to helping leaders create and sustain healthy organizations that provide strategic direction and inspire employees to make a difference. Building on existing strengths, we offer insight, strategies, mentoring and support to help organizations achieve their goals.

Our consulting services include:

  • an initial assessment that measures not only employee engagement and spirit at work with our unique Spirit at Work Scale, but also the capacity of the organization to create spirit at work
  • assistance in crafting a compelling, shared vision statement, set of core values, and sense of purpose that will provide the foundation for a successful enterprise
  • facilitation to draft a team declaration that will express the organization’s core values and belief systems—“how we do things around here”—and help to build a stronger team
  • exploring the social context of your organization and strategizing ways to transform workplace culture and create the conditions that foster employee engagement
  • consultation to create an organizational filter that will screen key decisions, help  maintain organizational integrity and fulfill the organization’s deeper purpose 

To learn more about any of these services, please contact us today for a free consultation. Organizations  may benefit from the “package deal,” our customizable Spirit at Work Program.

The one and only Spirit at Work Program

This combination of workshops, booster sessions, facilitation and coaching is based on results-based research carried out at the University of Alberta in 2005. During the 12-week program, employees learn strategies to foster their own spirit at work. At the same time, managers learn how to create the conditions that cultivate spirit at work.

How the program works. This unique program gives employees clarity about the deeper meaning underlying their work and how they make a difference through their work. It fosters a shared connection and sense of purpose among employees, building a stronger community. Increased employee awareness of their contribution, supported by personal action plans and organizational strategies, leads to:

  • increased employee engagement
  • enhanced teamwork and morale
  • increased employee retention
  • improved productivity

How we support these results. Booster sessions are key to the long-term success of the Spirit at Work Program. And our market research and testing tells us that the program really works! A sound business case can be made for fostering spirit at work, which in turn improves employee engagement and productivity. See for yourself the results and benefits.

Still need convincing? Learn more about spirit at work and the Spirit at Work Program. For information on how your organization can benefit from a more engaged workforce, please contact us.

Custom keynotes and dynamic workshops

Val Kinjerski, renowned human resources consultant, professional speaker and author of the self-help guide Rethinking Your Work, delivers inspirational presentations and dynamic workshops that empower the organization and the employee. Based near Edmonton, Alberta, she shares her expertise with organizations throughout Canada and the United States.

Workshop topics include: 

  • Spirit at Work: Finding the Power Within
  • Inspired Leadership: Getting to the Heart of What Matters
  • Rethinking Your Work: The Path to a Healthy Workplace
  • The Spirit of Service: Getting to the Heart of What Matters
  • Cultivating Spirit at Work: An Organizational Approach

Read more about these workshops and keynotes. Read testimonials here.

Call us today to begin turning your organization into a place with engaged employees who love their work, have a sense of belonging, and are interested in making a difference. Let us help you achieve and sustain a healthy work environment.