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May 2010 Harnessing the Power of the Multi-Generations

Rate Your Comfort Level
Generational Profiles
Generational Similarities
Spirit at Work and the Generations
Bridging the Generational Gap
Where to from here?

March 2010 Creating Healthy Workplaces

How much more can employees take?
The Need for Wellness in the Workplace
The Business Case for Wellness in the Workplace
What are progressive companies doing?
Case Study: The Dow Chemical Company
How is your organization doing?
Where to from here?

February 2010  Mindfulness at Work

Being Mindful
A Mindfulness Reflection
Can mindfulness training protect us from high-stress, challenging work situations?
How does mindfulness meditation impact the brain?
Just start with three minutes
Quiet the mind 
January 2010  Employee Engagement
What Employee Engagement Means
How the Employer Benefits from Employee Engagement
How the Employee Benefits from Employee Engagement
Engagement Strategies for All
Spirit at Work in Action

December 2009

        Managing Energy, not Time
        Tips for Managing Your Energy
        Managing Energy by Disengaging
        Drop a few Plates…
        Featured Book

November 2009 

Emerging from the Recession
Your Organization’s Tipping Point
The Business Case
Seeking Meaning through Work
Seeing Our Work as an Act of Service
Featured Book 
Spirit at Work in Action 

October, 2009

The Impact of the Recession
The Business Case
How We Can Create Spirit at Work
Get to the Heart of What Matters
Featured Book
A Spirit at Work Story