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 We’re all about people

_DSC5755webWe work with organizations throughout Canada and the United States to transform them into purpose-driven, value-focused companies where employees are fully engaged and productive.

Our heart-centered, people-first approach is captured in our company name, Kaizen Solutions for Human Services.

“Kaizen” is a Japanese term that means “improvement.” More than that, it is an approach that aims to humanize the workplace. At Kaizen Solutions we believe that “spirit at work” can be cultivated and is available to everyone.

“More and more corporations are integrating the notion of spirit at work into human resource and organizational development programs.”

Services backed by solid research
A leader and expert in employee engagement, Val Kinjerski, PhD, facilitates individuals, teams and organizations to rethink their work and “get to the heart of what matters.” As a sought-after human resources consultant, Val works with organizations to:

  • create a compelling organizational vision
  • design strategic plans that are success ladders
  • inspire managers, teams and staff through workshops
  • ensure quality through spirit-at-work assessments and coaching
  • rethink their future through customized keynote addresses

With a passion rooted in her long-standing interest in employee and workplace wellness, Val helps employees to re-engage with their work, have renewed enthusiasm for their company and be more productive.

An academic with her feet on the ground
Achieving work-life balance, bridging generation gaps, winning the war for leadership talent: Val understands the many challenges business managers and HR professionals face today. She also knows that fostering spirit at work can greatly improve employee morale, leading to healthier, happier organizations.

Val’s knowledge stems from results-based research and on-the-ground testing. For her PhD, she researched spirit at work at the University of Alberta. Among other things, she demonstrated the clear relationship between spirit at work and personal well-being, commitment and work performance.

The original Spirit at Work Scale she developed is gaining international recognition. It has been translated into French and Thai and demonstrated to be effective in diverse employment sectors, including finance, management, health care, social work, aerospace, education, and sales and service.

Organizational change from the inside out
Prior to dedicating herself to the creation of spirit at work, Val enjoyed an 18-year career in the public service—from front-line positions to senior management. She knows first-hand the challenges and rewards of working in demanding environments.

Val also knows that, through rethinking work and getting to the heart of what matters, spirit at work can be cultivated, addressing workplace challenges such as

  • employee engagement and productivity
  • high rates of absenteeism
  • low employee morale and burnout
  • team building
  • recruitment and retention

Val works with organizations—especially in the public sector, health care, education and social work—to create the conditions that foster and sustain employee engagement and spirit at work. She also shows employees how to take responsibility for the creation of their own spirit at work.

“Spirit at work is a shared responsibility between the organization and individual.”—Val Kinjerski, Rethinking Your Work

She wrote the book on spirit at work
In fact, Val has written not one, but two books to help both individuals and organizations achieve workplace wellness. Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters and its companion guidebook together have been called “a critical resource for employees and healthy CEOs … looking to build a more productive and satisfying future.”

Show your commitment to workplace wellness: order one or more copies of this inspiring book and guidebook. Call us for a discount on large orders.

To learn more about how your organization could benefit from our Spirit at Work Program, contact us today for your free consultation.

“Everything changes when we rethink our work. Guaranteed.”                                                                                                                          —Val Kinjerski, Rethinking Your Work