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Val Kinjerski is convinced that everyone can be inspired and engaged at work. Her research tells her so. Now she shows the way in an engaging, inspiring, practical book called Rethinking Your Work: Getting to the Heart of What Matters (200 pp., US $21.95).

Discover for yourself:

  • the meaning and importance of “spirit at work”
  • how you can change the way you feel about your work simply by rethinking your work
  • which of the four possible paths to spirit at work you are on
  • successful strategies to help you become more enthused about and engaged in your work

“We can all feel inspired by what we do. We just need to take steps to create that feeling.”—Val Kinjerski, Rethinking Your Work

Anyone and everyone can enjoy spirit at work

We’ve all met people who are passionate about their work, energized by the feeling that they are making a difference. Become inspired by the stories of everyday people in this book.

If your own passion has faded or you are seeking more fulfillment from the work you do, Rethinking Your Work can help. This book will appeal to

  • employees looking to get more out of their work
  • managers wanting to inspire their colleagues and teams
  • HR professionals addressing workplace challenges such as employee engagement and productivity
  • anyone seeking practical ways to foster spirit at work

“Spirit at work is a journey for most of us, and something that needs to be nurtured.”—Val Kinjerski, Rethinking Your Work

A timely and important book

North American businesses and employees face difficult challenges. The workforce is aging, and the recent recession has been widely felt. How can tired, disillusioned workers regain their sense of commitment and job satisfaction?

Research proves that by simply rethinking their work, employees gain a profound sense of well-being, renewed enthusiasm for their work and increased job satisfaction. Commitment to their work and organization increases. Retention and productivity rise. Spirit at work can and should be fostered.

Two books are better than one!

Rethinking Your Work Guidebook: How to Get to the Heart of What MattersA companion guidebook, Rethinking Your Work: How to Get to the Heart of What Matters (109 pp., US $17.95), features more than 50 simple, field-tested exercises that carefully walk you through a radical rethinking of the work you do. Free delivery when you buy both books.

The guidebook serves as an individual workbook or can be used in a group setting. You will

  • get in touch with the deeper meaning and purpose underlying your work
  • learn how to appreciate yourself and others at work
  • calculate your personal spirit-at-work score
  • assess how your world view, attitudes and values impact how you approach your work
  • learn how to be more “on purpose” at work
  • discover ways to refill your cup
  • create a vision board to chart your future experience of work
  • create a personal action plan to increase your spirit at work
  • and much, much more

Start today to rethink how you see, understand and feel about your work. Order the book and guidebook.

Start rethinking your work today for a more rewarding tomorrow!