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Do you bring your “whole self” to work each day? Think about that for a minute. If you are a business manager or owner, ask yourself: are all of my employees fully engaged and productive?

Everyone wants to enjoy work, but studies show that only one in five employees are fully engaged. Kaizen Solutions for Human Services offers a special program that addresses the pressing issue of employee engagement and fulfillment.

Get to the heart of what matters
Our Spirit at Work Program is a change management strategy that aims to increase employee retention and boost productivity by reigniting employees’ love for their work.

Sound like magic? Not at all. Our program is based on a decade of results-based research and the highly effective Spirit at Work Model and Spirit at Work Scale. The program is proven to

  • enhance employee engagement
  • increase employee job satisfaction and commitment
  • improve employee retention

Bottom line: all these factors positively impact customer satisfaction, employee productivity and business performance.

“Spirit at work is inside each person. Accessing it is an inside job.”—Val Kinjerski, Rethinking Your Work

Empower the individuals in your organization
When it comes to workforce motivation and engagement, no one-size-fits-all program is going to work. Employees are motivated in different ways, a concept at the heart of the Spirit at Work Program.

Each person experiences “spirit at work” in their own unique way. We help individuals see the common themes. Employees discover

  • the deeper purpose underlying their work
  • how they are making a difference
  • how to appreciate their contribution
  • where they rank on the insightful Spirit at Work Scale

Most important of all, through both active reflection and participatory exercises, employees discover practical ways they can find more joy, meaning and fulfillment in their work.

Cultivate the conditions for employee engagement to grow
Increase and sustain employee engagement by creating positive organizational conditions. We help leaders

  • create a compelling vision
  • inspire employees
  • craft a team charter
  • foster a positive working environment

Discover the benefits of spirit at work

Bringing spirit at work to your workplace is easier than you think. Take the first step to “rethinking your work” today.

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Planting Seeds

Spirit at Work in the Education System

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